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File: Davidian.mp4
(18951 KB, 480x360) [ImgOps]
18951 KB
post 90s metal.
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This sounds like if KMFDM huffed a bunch of glue and became retarded. I love it! biggrin
Or keyboard duster I should say. That's more fitting.
satanic music sorry
mate, im very sorry that your grandpa raped you in the ass, maybe one day you will be a normal person.
Posting all of my favorite Black Sabbath Albums xd


File: azudaio.jpg
(182 KB, 850x634) [ImgOps]
182 KB
the manga was originally created for the japanese norse speaking audience
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why is kagura not tan?
Kagura isn't tanned. She's an Indonesian girl you racist angry
File: csvrs.jpg
(48 KB, 913x483) [ImgOps]
48 KB
That's the armband of the Nordic Resistance Movement. OP is probably a n00b like me and possibly violating rules 7 & 8. sad
File: 83929191972MAI.jpg
(14 KB, 480x268) [ImgOps]
14 KB

File: 1425613843087.png
(11 KB, 400x400) [ImgOps]
11 KB
Have you ever lost your chan folder? Deleted intentionally or not, disc failure, or it is somewhere out there but not accessible whether permanently or temporarily? Remade a chan folder? Multiple independent variants? Encrypted? The only copy is far away? Do you archive random shared chanfolders?

Im on a 50$ used and massacred laptop, it almost has holes behind its monitor xd i also removed the screws so that it is easy to switch the OS and the battery falls out as a result whenever held, it has french layout of keyboard that is absolutely retarded
I suffer browsing a copy of my folder that is so huge that i cant reliably or swiftly find anything even on my main pc, the touchpad causes mental anguish and i will be hopping back onto the usual machine on monday
I never deleted mine although the first one i ever had is only kept in my archives for how trash it was and still available, but i use the newer one due to better management and lack of general trash
I also download and compare shared folders, you can figure out what kind of person that is solely by 10 random files and how advanced he was or intrests though some are bizzare
I would never share mine because it is so big that reliably removing all cheese pizza would not be possible before uploading or at least im not taking up that challenge right now
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That's quite a bit of sophistry just to justify collecting and distributing media of child and animal abuse. unsure
Have to agree. Writing grandiose paragraphs about the ephemeral quality of rare images or sum shit will not change the fact that hoarding child abuse content is insanely fucked. i hope you get arrested OP
How new are you?
File: s0wmv92bc.jpg
(86 KB, 706x1000) [ImgOps]
86 KB
I've been here for over a year huh I just don't think hoarding child abuse content is okay. There's always gonna be people like that in the sea of rorikons online, but it doesn't make me any less uncomfortable to think of that reality. Sorry for feeling empathy and sadness dark
I feel like wishing other Heyuri users to get arrested because you don't like material they fap to is the actual sign of lacking empathy here sweat2
Also if you've been here for that long, you should know the meaning of rorikon by now...

File: escargot_showcase.png
(329 KB, 800x1080) [ImgOps]
329 KB

Escargot is a fan server for the old MSN Messenger, we should have a thread here about it.
1. Register an account
2. Log in using your favorite MSN Messenger version (all versions can be downloaded from their website)
3. Toast your Escargot adress ITT
4. ???

My adress is nagatocchi91@escatgot.chat, feel free to add me nagato

Marked for deletion (Old)
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I remember MSN messenger but I never really used it dark
add me friends

Anyone else unable to log in through the web thing? unsure
corpus@escargot.chat nyaoo
I wasn't able to log in on the web client either, if you're on linux install the 7.0 client with wine and it should work

File: DOVEGIRL.png
(6 KB, 819x460) [ImgOps]
6 KB
Rejoice Heyuri for the great DOVEGIRL is here, Age 13, Powaz, Superhuman physical characteristics, Can shoot Tachyon beams out of the symbol on her chest called the supa dove lazer, Can summon Dinosaur sized pigeon to aide in combats, Supernatural Beauty(So pretty even hardened Criminals will have their minds overloaded and their brains cease to function not even the women are safe!), Has the ability to see through the eyes of all pigeons on the planet to find evildoers.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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lolifield is a cyborg so why not leverage that? his half cyborg body is resistant to tachyon lazers, has a few gadgets like electrified punch, hidden weapons, etc while his human half is vulnerable to, well, anything that harms humans but has the raw force to severly injure dovegirl
of course he would like to avoid that so he can add dovegirl to his slave loli army so he always offers dovegirl signature clothes made of precious materials before battle and dovegirl has to use 110% of her willpower to refuse
File: Raviel.png
(1234 KB, 681x998) [ImgOps]
1234 KB
I just remembered this yugioh card exists. Should we turn it into an evil old hag character.
He could be some unforeseen world destroying villain that Lolifield summons for one of his evil plans but it all goes wrong. Thus, to defeat Raviel and save the cosmos from complete annihilation, Dove Girl and Lolifield must put aside their differences and team up for once.
File: 1618965800189.jpg
(70 KB, 800x385) [ImgOps]
70 KB
but 13 is perfect drool

1879 KB
>They were to be German nationals who could prove their Aryan ancestry back to 1800, unmarried, and without a criminal record. A four-year commitment was required for the SS-VT and LSSAH. Recruits had to be between the ages of 17 and 23, at least 1.74 metres (5 ft 9 in) tall (1.78 metres (5 ft 10 in) for the LSSAH). Concentration camp guards had to make a one-year commitment, be between the ages of 16 and 23, and at least 1.72 metres (5 ft 8 in) tall. All recruits were required to have 20/20 eyesight, no dental fillings, and to provide a medical certificate.

those are the requirements nyaoo-closedeyes if we suppose you were born as a german in order to erease the ethnical restrictions. even so sadly I wouldn't be qualified sad fortunately there's no obstacle for me to enter the red army love
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It also didn't allow atheists apparently unsure
I have 1 dental filling, im australian, and a ginger, and im 5 foot 8.
I do NOT count.
i can't prove my ancestry (though i am pasty as fuck) and i have horrific vision :L did meet all the other ones though ヾ(^▽^*)))
File: 92283564_p0.png
(650 KB, 911x1290) [ImgOps]
650 KB
that doesn't /ss/ that i know
File: handschar.jpg
(126 KB, 749x499) [ImgOps]
126 KB
How are the requirements for the Ausländische Freiwilligenverbände of the SS?

File: ollie3.gif
(8 KB, 596x211) [ImgOps]
8 KB
Hey! Yuri smart guy for shopping at ollies!
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File: no kitten.jpg
(293 KB, 1250x1656) [ImgOps]
293 KB
I remember buying Donald trump's real estate tycoon at ollie's when I was a kid and I still have the CD
I'm glad that I've had the pleasure of visiting the store multiple times within my life.
i was walking through ollies looking at all the signs with puns and play on words, and wondered if i could make a thread about it, so i made this one. unfortunately "Hey! Yuri smart guy for shopping at ollies!" is the best thing i could think of
We don't have whatever this store is where I'm from so I had no idea what this thread was about sweat2

File: ugly bastard.jpg
(97 KB, 855x955) [ImgOps]
97 KB
Does anyone know where this image is from? I see it alot and I wanna read the source material
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File: fatbastard.jpg
(195 KB, 1280x1440) [ImgOps]
195 KB
Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru

I have not watch but looks very hawt ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Also you can use ImgOps in teh future; it's not just for imageboards!
>> 3493 KB
It's actually the sequel: https://myanimelist.net/anime/38141/Soredemo_Tsuma_wo_Aishiteru_2
looks like the most boring shit ever
File: 1604608711567.jpg
(86 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
86 KB
even girls like sydsnap likes ugly bastard closed-eyes
how about i rape the ugly bastard?

File: Capture.png
(270 KB, 307x473) [ImgOps]
270 KB
Ayo wass good, my Heyurigga. Yall finna let me come fuck on yo waifus? Shiiiiiiiiet.
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I think this nigga can fit half of a big mac to his mouth
File: 1640170863443.jpg
(196 KB, 1001x993) [ImgOps]
196 KB
No but you can have this gummy instead
File: DTGyKhtWAAETzrk-3670398975.jpg
(49 KB, 750x750) [ImgOps]
49 KB
this reminds me of something
no, but you can suck my dick for 5 dollars.

File: andrzejki.jpg
(240 KB, 1600x1067) [ImgOps]
240 KB
Do you celebrate this year's St Andrew's Day?
Of course I did, I never pass a year without celebrating. I think more people need to show some respect to St. Andrew, not so many are aware it even exists these days. So what's it all about?
File: ksztalt z wosku.jpg
(17 KB, 664x442) [ImgOps]
17 KB
>So what's it all about
Not sure if this tradition exists anywhere outside Poland, but you're supposed to gather with your family late at night, pour warm wax through the hole near the handle of an old fashioned key and into a bucket with water. Upon contact with water wax will harden. Now you can play a role of a fortune-teller, trying to predict your future from the shape of hardened wax.

It's a christian feast day, but this custom is rather pagan... sweat2
What's Heyuri's future? (´・ω・`)
Lots of WINz and lolz, hopefully

File: bob.jpg
(55 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
55 KB
Why is there Off-Topic if there's not even a topic for the site?
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File: 1670453165784299.jpg
(140 KB, 1200x1200) [ImgOps]
140 KB
where the FUCK is on-topic?
it's /z/
teh topic is autism
Iruyeh stole our topics angry
File: sada.jpg
(12 KB, 600x518) [ImgOps]
12 KB
It is a mystery.

File: OPPAI.jpg
(211 KB, 1024x1500) [ImgOps]
211 KB
the oppai doesn't lie, doesn't lie but makes PENIS fly. the oppai doesn't shy, but rather to no bra abides, with it's cry and shed of abundant supply. the oppai you spy, as any heyuri guy, sitting by computers side, by and by, time and time of night, not unerect in the slight, with all might, till ejaculation nigh, thinking of the oppai
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you probably touched bad boobs then
the ones I touch are really nice and squishy and warm and I like putting my head in them
Ladies of Heyuri, plz offer up ur boobs. We need them to settle an impr0tant debate 🙏
This looks good. source? Why didn't you post this for halloween angry

Maybe. They didn't feel warm and squishy to me. Just stiff and fatty. I guess I just prefer flat girls. They are objectively better.
use yandex image search
were you tripping? were your balls on LSD?

File: 1688681844886.jpg
(67 KB, 496x462) [ImgOps]
67 KB

File: 1700593716409268.webm
(2929 KB, 711x400) [ImgOps]
2929 KB
Who was in the wrong?unsure
the ultimate scat smackdown tongue
why didn't he let the other guy take a potty break?! angry

246 KB
who remembers the virtual boy? XDD
Now Apple have their own virtual boy iVomit biggrin

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