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File: loli_wor.gif
(1564 KB, 498x408) [ImgOps]
1564 KB
This is a lobbery!!! Hand's up!
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File: panties.jpg
(1710 KB, 1920x1200) [ImgOps]
1710 KB
B-but... those are my priceless undergarments drenched in my 3-month old sweat... I need them to immerse myself in my habitat...
File: loli-wor6.jpg
(17 KB, 474x248) [ImgOps]
17 KB
this is NO GAME! kaguyas life depends on those piss-filled panties!
File: panty transaction.jpg
(916 KB, 1000x1000) [ImgOps]
916 KB
Well... it can't be helped then. If it's for you, then sure... blush
File: it_begins.jpg
(82 KB, 596x470) [ImgOps]
82 KB
Years and years and i've worked on this plan, years I've suffered and seen many of my members die, one after die. BUT NOW! I finally have the secret key to ADMINISTRATION OF HEYURI! The master hat, I AM NOW KAGUYAA!!!!!
File: th-1155628590.jpg
(36 KB, 474x578) [ImgOps]
36 KB
now, undress and... bark!

File: summer-game-fest-2023.jpg
(145 KB, 1000x600) [ImgOps]
145 KB
are watching it?
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OP is a bit confused, but here is the link:
File: a9pOWgK_460s.jpg
(20 KB, 460x258) [ImgOps]
20 KB
the only hollywood actor that didn't give me aids while watching it
>> 14749 KB
Oh god, that "1996-2003" vidya montage... my life just flashed before my eyes. TAEK ME BACK!!! cry
>> 77 KB
i played almost all of those games

File: teletext2.png
(11 KB, 599x478) [ImgOps]
11 KB
My family used it very rarly to see the weather etc when i was just a kid. To my suprise, the same network is still up and running. I haven't used it for 10+ years.
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File: teletext_stories.png
(1825 KB, 1276x958) [ImgOps]
1825 KB
I found an cool tele-text story archive site;

How did people get oldschool BBS things in their homes preinternet, did you man just have a direct connection to the server it was hosted on
For me, it was included in the public service tv-network. So you had to do nothing.
>> 292 KB
BBSes were dial-up - in other words, they were accessed over a phoneline by calling a number. The earliest modems involved placing a literal telephone onto an acoustic coupler to receive/transmit the data

Teletext didn't work that way though - it was received over TV broadcast, would display on your TV, and was navigated with a TV remote
My Grandfather still uses it to check the news.
When i was younger i would use it to see if my favourite sports team lost/won (i still know the page numbers from the top of my head)

File: Chaika.gif
(878 KB, 500x500) [ImgOps]
878 KB
Post Chaika!
File: 1-276-1241247867.jpg
(130 KB, 1573x1080) [ImgOps]
130 KB
No body
Great chlenovoz, Comrade !

21 KB
Last night I went into epileptic seizures at the thought of a little Asian woman's breasts, glazed and glistening, like pale pastries, waiting to be cooked... After that, I blacked out. I woke up still firmly erect, and decided that I had better masturbate for the first time in a while. I went thru the files on my computer, but just as much as I had quit masturbating, I had quit collecting photos. The ones I had were too scarce for my needs, and besides that, they were old and stale. I needed something different.

I went on Avgie, VJAV,JAVFinder, even PornHub and all those other wastesites, but nothing really caught my eye. All of it was mud, and slime, and other anal bodily fluids.

For the first time in my life I felt true despair creeping. I felt my skull crack open and all the mutants crawling in.

But then I remembered that there are hundreds of cool strangers on the internet; dozens even! Hip, charming urbane souls--dispensing their wisdom over that multitudinous mass of optic-fibre cables we call the Internet. I thought, 'Surely they will save me, why, they solve everybody's problems!'.Yes, that's what my older sister told me, before her problems got unsolvable and she had to kill herself.

And so...? Ever rambling, I made my way here.

So... Have you got any good pics?
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this makes it better... no boobs = loli lolico
Heyuri is a magical place

enjoy friends! biggrin
>> 57 KB
Nagasawa Marina happy
File: Aqua Marina-sZ-TzMQs1fA.mp4
(5650 KB, 720x720) [ImgOps]
5650 KB
Mariiinaaa~♪ biggrin

File: 0PLQmqC-2-1-4027516822.jpg
(99 KB, 715x373) [ImgOps]
99 KB
Which one have you seen? The img quality suck but you have to suck it up.
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You dropped pani poni? glare
I intended to watch it with Heyuri during the "Monthly anime" era... which failed after a couple of episodes as usual, and I just never got around to finishing it since sweat2
Also seems to be teh case with kimi ga nozomu eien... dark

But I think PPD is always worth finishing, u will probably liek it! Especially if you still have the version with PDF notes
>Also seems to be teh case with kimi ga nozomu eien...
The irony is that I was the one who originally suggested and argued in favor of both shows, among others dark
File: 1.jpg
(3740 KB, 2000x2708) [ImgOps]
3740 KB
Probably missed some.

File: porn-pussy-nigger-3.jpg
(435 KB, 2458x1932) [ImgOps]
435 KB
Go on a diet, ya fat bitch. angry
Hey I know that quote! xd
ive never seen an attractive nigra before (´~`)
not following for this trick roodypoo!
ok spiderexpert

File: public.webm
(1782 KB, 180x320) [ImgOps]
1782 KB
sometimes i cant control my urges -_-
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Honestly? Disgusting behavior. I she beat the fuck out of him.
File: pointingAndLaughing.gif
(405 KB, 722x720) [ImgOps]
405 KB
>I she beat the fuck out of him
Nice attempt at looking like a hardass, loser
i used to jerk it to these kind of videos ┐(゚~゚)┌

File: kuz.png
(378 KB, 1601x999) [ImgOps]
378 KB
I modalled Kuz in mudbox nyaoo-closedeyes
File: kuz2.png
(326 KB, 1625x986) [ImgOps]
326 KB
File: kuz3.png
(319 KB, 1628x1007) [ImgOps]
319 KB
ZOMG AIDS is teh scary sweat
Are you working on something for kuz day?
AIDS lol

File: 1565908241060.png
(962 KB, 908x1599) [ImgOps]
962 KB
Whoa! It's me, Crash Bandicoot! Just here to wish you a great day. That is all.
File: Dreamcast_Adventure_Sonic_3D.png
(185 KB, 332x599) [ImgOps]
185 KB
Heh, long time no see, Crash. Way past uncool of you to keep me waiting for this long. How's the family?
File: praxis.jpg
(64 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
64 KB
I'M GONNA KILL PRAXIS angryangryangry
File: mario.jpg
(8 KB, 205x245) [ImgOps]
8 KB
It's a me Mario!
Hello Crash Bandicoot!
Let's go eat somewhere on a spaghetteria!

File: u gonna get raepd.gif
(5441 KB, 600x450) [ImgOps]
5441 KB
e? Eee? Eeee--? えぇー?
i remember there being a ad for some japanese tea, shit was wack

File: IMG_2277.jpg
(3401 KB, 4032x3024) [ImgOps]
3401 KB
I nearly got hit riding my bike there, but I got my first Gundam model kit biggrin
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File: image.jpg
(3094 KB, 4032x3024) [ImgOps]
3094 KB
This is what I got so far, I gotta find the PC parts now
almost done! astonish
File: image.jpg
(2091 KB, 4032x3024) [ImgOps]
2091 KB
He’s disabled (;´Д`)
File: gundam.png
(1151 KB, 944x1332) [ImgOps]
1151 KB
Here's my gundam, i also made some bulletholes and scrattes as I later painted to make it look as it has been in battle.

I see you don't sandpaper the cut edges sweat3
owell, you have fun? smile
File: dust.jpg
(1203 KB, 3000x3000) [ImgOps]
1203 KB
you can use the fine edge of your knife to make very calm and precise cuts to shear excess plastic

File: toda_erika38.jpg
(383 KB, 1708x2433) [ImgOps]
383 KB
i really like this photobook, makes me wanna go out and explore life! happy
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File: toda_erika_addult.jpg
(190 KB, 900x1200) [ImgOps]
190 KB
I did some more researching for rolleyes school report. Interesting enought she's rather "famous" and been in a few movies and a lot of dramas.

File: sweet.png
(576 KB, 787x586) [ImgOps]
576 KB
Here's a fun DVD of her from 2002 biggrin https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1eQ4y167xJ/

(don't worry party van-san, there's nothing inappropriate!)
>In 2020, Toda married actor Tori Matsuzaka
>On 4 May 2023, Toda gave birth to her first child.
I hope it was a female
The daughter of an actor and an actress would definitely be very cute love

File: 1321648998485.jpg
(289 KB, 1216x912) [ImgOps]
289 KB
Buy a copy pls.
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File: takai.png
(727 KB, 633x823) [ImgOps]
727 KB
File: 1369405832901.png
(270 KB, 318x1143) [ImgOps]
270 KB
File: inko.jpg
(29 KB, 225x350) [ImgOps]
29 KB
i loved her in the role of inko, amazing performance
Why does she look so depressed?
>Why does she look so depressed?
She knew that nothing good could come of suddenly being surrounded by men with pixellated faces

File: 6-o.jpg
(220 KB, 728x1055) [ImgOps]
220 KB
Have you seen any good instances where a girl suffers a wardrobe malfunction due to excess voluptuousness?

Hentai is fine, but I would sure prefer if it came up in the middle of a more 'mainstream' storyline (or at least ecchi), since I feel like that would give it a more 'spontaneous' feeling, which I find would be more erotic.

Pic related is from Okusan by Ooi Masakazu, who is very good at drawing plump women. drool

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