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File: renge_skeleton_scare_run_away.gif
(890 KB, 540x304) ImgOps
890 KB
run while you still can... I'm coming for you!
What if i don't run?
File: imminent.png
(192 KB, 448x517) ImgOps
192 KB
lol wut
lol wut again dif trip cause i retard
File: nyanpasu?.gif
(741 KB, 500x514) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
741 KB
guess we're dead.

File: da2cd61baa8497fae15c64c81d237732.jpg
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156 KB
In some ways, I'm looking forward to the day when AI takes over and turns all of the faggots of this world into old-fashioned peasants. Welcome to the fields. We'll make it comfy!
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or AI could just invent robots that are superior to humans in every way
But what if I want to be the superior one?
how about genetically modified humans that feel the maximum amount of pleasure and happiness possible 24/7 and never build up a tolerance to it or get bored of it
infinite cum.........blushbiggrin
Just imagine having an orgasm and cumming forever

File: yurikago_01_title.jpg
(254 KB, 2248x3184) ImgOps
254 KB
Let's read this Di Gi Charat doujinshi together biggrin

I don't have a scanner and i'm not gonna debind and murder my book, but I tried to give it the scan it deserves.
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File: yurikago_49.jpg
(76 KB, 2044x3160) ImgOps
76 KB
File: yurikago_50.jpg
(98 KB, 2272x3236) ImgOps
98 KB
...and done!
I don't mind translating later if no one does, for the moment i'm too tired.
otsu curry!! I'm also too tired to translate or even read now as well sweat2

Actually we can just do until we get tired and post like that each time until getting it done
doujinshi for all ages
>すてき <3
wonderful <3
tells above line things aren't censors of bad words

whatever noise do you think "gochi!" does
story about puchiko-chan's friend dejiko-chan
they are this much of good friends (sarcasm)

For some reason (that I don't know), I could be kind to you

Planet Di Gi Charat
A certain place

I'm too tired, maybe I'll continue later if someone else doesn't... Or you can do few pages at a time too, and I'd pick up from where you left nyaoo-closedeyes
baby dejiko! nyaoo
I got mochibe to do a little more

inside that bell
i think there is a spaceship there nyo
it's fine even if it takes 10 yen nyo

But that's not good
Dejiko doesn't have 10 yen nyo♪
Daruma-san fell off nyo!
Quick shot nyo
>フン. 犬コロめ...
Hmph. Fucking puppy...
A. It came back nyo

Number of dogs are increasing gema
Here is about to become dangerous too gema
right nyo
Was there water there?
There was a river back there gema
While on it, I found a child gema. He's down in the hole gema.
I'm a child♪
A little child♪
A child who fell into a hole♪
It's real (as in, "it wasn't a joke")
She's even singing a song
I'm singing♪
She seems fairly calm gema

19 KB
Happy Heyuri Day! To celebrate this occasion, share your favorite memories, moments and threads from your time here! dance
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Bunkasai was great, i wanna do it again already ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Is Heyuri dying? The site is so slow, and I keep getting timeout errors. This is the first time I have been here in a month. What happened?
there's an issue with posting right now cry
posts take ages to show up, and the site will lock up for the poster in the meantime ┐(;゚∀゚)┌
Everything loads find for me and so far I didn't have any issues with posting. The bug aside, it seems Heyuri's post rate has been higher last week than it was the week prior, so Heyuri isn't "dying" glare2
my guess is that it isn't a problem with koko instances, it's something server-related, or maybe cloud flare? ┐(゚~゚)┌

File: 5f3a813048ad4f20614d9cf3ad20c97b.jpg
(634 KB, 1805x973) ImgOps
634 KB
I wanna make a thread talking about metal music. Idk why I think it be fun. I mostly like Death Metal and blacken Death. Anyone interested in this gay topic :3
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What do you mean the vocals are fucking swag
WDYM the vocals are fucking amazing
I'm an old bastard who likes clear vocals in my metal. Ain't gonna disparage anyone for liking their vocals to be hyper heavy, but it's just not my jam.

but those guitars and that drumming absolutely fucking are, goddamn 👍
Of course man but still I love those type of vocals anytime of the day
Canadian Metal if you want to explore:

File: teh roast.jpg
(380 KB, 1295x1812) ImgOps
380 KB
i lust for sweet delicious lolis.
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File: 1639425774692.jpg
(256 KB, 854x763) ImgOps
256 KB
File: 1639169552397.jpg
(148 KB, 673x694) ImgOps
148 KB
perfect ratio
this is why flat is perfect!!!biggrin
File: chie.png
(4027 KB, 1400x2240) ImgOps
4027 KB
>> 106 KB

File: LOCK N LOL.jpg
(26 KB, 300x300) ImgOps
26 KB
We are singing Sensei no Ojikan ED.
For those who don't know, it's an anime we watched on our CyTube on 2022/12/10 and this song has since been part of our culture with, which has also been the name of our 2023 album: https://wiki.heyuri.net/index.php?title=Don%27t_Stop_the_Music#Background

Here is the song you will sing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En2OtCSrH7M

You have 1 month from the time I'm making this thread to submit your attempt. 20 June is the deadline.

Lyrics from https://www.geneworld.es/lyrics-4153-doki-doki-school-hours.html (slightly modified by me) below.

Kooru asufaruto kyuuna saka iki mo tsukazu omoikiri kakeagaru
Marude ima ni mokuzure ochisouna LONELINESS
Furare kibun nara ROCK'N'ROLL beddofon no VOLUME wo agete
Yorete ikarete kata de kaze kitte MIDNIGHT

Nannimo iranai ne yoru wa shita taka da ne namida mo uso mo detekiya shinai
Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto

Tsu-tsu-tsu-tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no
Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi wa dainamaito

Here is the instrumental version to help you practice: https://up.heyuri.net/src/3503.mp3
You can use Vocaroo to record your singing: https://vocaroo.com/
Note that you must not record over the song, meaning you must only send your own voice.

Good luck! It's a bit hard at certain places, so don't be afraid of failing to pronounce biggrin

Marked for deletion (Old)
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I find it easier to sign if I know what it means. Here's a translation from https://quailpipe.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/furare-kibun-de-rocknroll-translation/ with the kanji and romaji.


Kooru asufaruto kyuuna saka
凍る アスフォルト 急な 坂
The steep slope of the cold asphalt

Iki mo tsukazu omoikiri kake agaru
息 も 付かず 思い切り 駆け 上がる
Without taking a breath, I run up with all my might

Marude ima nimo kuzure ochisouna LONELINESS
丸で 今 にも 崩れ 落ちそうな LONLINESS
Even now I feel like collapsing with loneliness

Furare kibun nara ROCK'N'ROLL
ふられ 気分 なら ROCK’N'ROLL
Rock’n’Roll with the blues

Beddofon no VOLUME wo agete
へッドフォン の VOLUME を 上げて
Turning up the volume of my headphones

Yorete ika rete kata de kaze kitte MIDNIGHT
よれて 行か れて 肩 で 風 切手 MIDNIGHT
Cutting the air with my shoulders twisting at midnight


Nannimo iranai ne yoru wa shitataka da ne
何も 要らない ね 夜 は 強か だ ね
I don’t need anything, the night’s headstrong

Namida mo uso mo detekiya shinai
涙 も 嘘 も 出てきや しない
Both tears and lies won’t come


Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto
粋な ナンバア 聞かせて もっと
Let me hear it more, that hip track


It’s only Rock’n’Roll (Rock’n’Roll)

But sill, it’s Rock’n’Roll (Rock’n’Roll)

Tsu-tsu-tsu-tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no
つつつ氷柱 リズム に 合わせて 馬鹿げた 恋 を 笑う の
To the rhythm, I’ll laugh at this absurd love

Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi wa dainamaito!
潜む ように 微笑んだら 私 は ダイナミト!
If I can smile to hide what I feel, I’m dynamite!
this is really hard haha
i keep fucking up between agaru and marude.
>Tsu-tsu-tsu-tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no
final boss of the song

File: King's Field 1 end screen.png
(44 KB, 603x538) ImgOps
44 KB
While you were wasting your life on the internet, i beat King's Field
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I’m getting double deja vu from this post.
I’m getting double deja vu from this post.
File: knight.png
(315 KB, 1440x1080) ImgOps
315 KB
Fun coincidence, I just started playing KF today. I use the same emulator, too. Are you me? Get out of my head!! ヽ(;゚Д゚)ノ

How are the other floors? I'm still on 1 fighting trees and spiders.
There's a map on Floor 1. Check for hidden walls with the use button. Try to circle around the enemies to beat them. There's two shops on 1F, but you can get a lot of good equipment from enemy drops. ph34r
Oh, and to actually answer your question: It gets pretty hardcore by the end. Trust me, you'll lose respect for the skeletons pretty quickly

74 KB
Whenever I think of kaguya (pbuh) this particular picture of her is what I imagine he looks like, for some reason. But who would his daughter be if not Star Sapphire?

File: Unst_Bus_Shelter.jpg
(84 KB, 640x578) ImgOps
84 KB
the unst bus shelter. what real culture looks like!
Seeing this also reminded me of the recycling center closest to where I live. The staff there picked out interesting items from the trash and set up little scenes of dolls and things you can see as you drive through.
You got any photos of that?
i'm too paranoid about doxxing my location to heyurizens. you guys are scary.
... what would we even do with the knowledge of your approximate loaction? glare Unless you live in some super small town there's really no way for anyone to use such info for anything nefarious sweat3
File: 56c3ef6e45e5f011fc05ce4c473c7175.jpg
(417 KB, 780x850) ImgOps
417 KB
But don't you know that Heyurizens are capable of flying to the approximate location of anyone at any given time? We are, after all, very rich and definitely have plenty of time on our hands to do such things! And once a user comes to your house, you have no choice but to invite him in... and then he will raep u!!! That's what happens when you give out ur approximate location! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

File: tomorun.gif
(919 KB, 498x373) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
919 KB
I was sending a video of Osaka yelling at Tomo-chan to a Chinese girl and said that Tomo-chan was my favorite...

She said, "Is Tomo the boy?" angry

File: tomo.jpg
(37 KB, 716x482) ImgOps
37 KB
The kaomoji fail makes it look like he is trying to hug tomo, angrily
Nevermind. Somehow by posting it fixed the kaomoji fail. You're welcome
File: lolz.jpg
(36 KB, 720x482) ImgOps
36 KB
Implying the presence of males in the universe of Azumanga outside of Kimura-sensei and random background stock characters is blasphemous!!! She deserves punishment!!!

File: IMG_20240524_195834.jpg
(6692 KB, 3072x4007) ImgOps
6692 KB
I killed some of the birds outside my window and fried them up. I guess basically every bird tastes just like chicken.dance2
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one bird, one fire.
it really sounds like fun, eating birds you caught yourself biggrin

...but a whole pre-cooked rotisserie chicken is only like $7.50 and I live in a condo lol
probably would consider doing this if I was in a more out-of-the way location
Yeah I did it mainly cause I was bored and it was one of those "hmm what if..." things I'd been thinking of for some time.

Also the birds flying in my room was kind of annoying sometimes.angry
Nice, now I wanna try bird meat. Do you know what the species was?
File: yellow-billed-cuckoo-450.jpg
(36 KB, 450x300) ImgOps
36 KB
Some kind of cuckoo, I think.

File: Screenshot 2024-05-24 9.09.29 AM.png
(67 KB, 567x320) ImgOps
67 KB
How did this happen?!1!! dizzy
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my personal reason for not fapping to yotsuba specifically is that yotsuba has just a tiny bit too childish body and not curvy enough by a bit
but if i come across one i fap anyway and having read all of yotsubato just makes the experience more romantic, even if it is just a one way bind biggrin
but ena is extremely hot, fuuka is acceptable and asagi is a hag
my favorite ena porn is by sezan like this https://yabai.si/g/iyyslvsj
he also made my favorite mashimaro porn like these https://yabai.si/g/4wiuaoie https://yabai.si/g/9t0lpchu
trips, i would like to read these but i do not understand how to read moon runes!!1angry
some of it's in english
the mashimaro ones are too crude for me. there's no buildup and no sweet tension.
sweet chika chan sexy time nosebleed

File: Screenshot_20240525-133920.png
(303 KB, 864x1920) ImgOps
303 KB
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>> SWF Embed
I never download anything but a couple pictures.xd
File: virus do not open.jpg
(25 KB, 281x526) ImgOps
25 KB
This image contains a virus do not open it!

File: hungry bus.png
(413 KB, 710x329) ImgOps
413 KB
alright... all of you have exactly $550 each right? Because this unmanned evil bus charges for whatevar reasons, also ignore the rumors about people going missing... that's all just made-up stories.
ah shitto.... Eto... hello officers, nothing wrong happening here. Would you like to ride in me?
550 smackers? I'm sorry, 550 dead presidents? You're telling me this shit costs 550 crisp Washingtons? Fuck off.
>550 smackers? I'm sorry, 550 dead presidents? You're telling me this shit costs 550 crisp Washingtons? Fuck off.
Your loss then, everyone else gets to party and disappear mysteriously the next day.

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